College athletics continues to go through some unprecedented changes with Tuesday’s unique Alliance announcement.

With the B1G, ACC, and Pac-12 entering into an agreement on scheduling and collaboration on major issues, the decision will have a profound impact on the direction of college athletics in the future. FOX Commentator Tim Brando took time to break down that announcement during his latest segment of “On Brando.”

In the video, Brando admits that the decision brings some “growing pains” to college football. However, Brando also points out that those pains are sometimes necessary:

“College football is in the midst of growing pains, and they were much needed,” explained Brando. “We’re moving into the 21st century, and when you do that, on occasion, you’re going to hurt some feelings. The dominoes have begun to fall, and yesterday’s Alliance announcement between the B1G, Pac-12, and ACC is proof of that.”

Brando then discussed the changes sweeping through the country, including the realignment going on within the Big 12 and SEC. At the end, Brando admitted that he’s happy to see a season of change sweeping the sport:

“College football is in the midst of change, and I am really happy that it is,” explained Brando.

Here’s the full segment from Brando: