It didn’t take long in the College Football Playoff era for coaches, fans, and analysts to begin making a case for expansion.

The current system of the Playoff takes four teams into two national semifinal games. The biggest problem? There are five major conferences in college football and traditionally a couple of very strong teams outside of those five conferences.

Many have made passionate pleas on why and how to expand the Playoff, and FOX Sports analyst Tim Brando is among those that think it is evident expansion is needed. He broke down the current college football field in a recent segment for FOX College Football, highlighting a number of Power 5 teams that still hold a legitimate shot at the Playoff.

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To anyone that still thinks four teams is enough, Brando had a harsh but clear message:

“In truth, college football doesn’t have three or four teams that are worthy,” explained Brando. “They have seven, eight, maybe nine teams that are worthy. If you didn’t think expansion was needed by now, then I don’t know what planet you are on or what sport you have been watching.”

Here’s Brando’s entire segment:

It should be noted that we are still talking about the college football field entering the start of November. With a number of huge conference games remaining, there is still a lot of time for the number of Playoff-worthy teams to dwindle.

Still, with the Power 5 conferences, doesn’t it make sense to expand beyond four teams?