In Week 5 of the college football season, Alabama hosted Louisiana-Lafayette and won 56-14.

For a game in Week 5, it was pretty boring. When you have Ohio State traveling to Penn State and Notre Dame hosting Stanford in top 10 clashes, the Crimson Tide beating up on the Ragin’ Cajuns just isn’t as interesting.

Alabama’s student section even agreed. After the 42-point win, Nick Saban talked about how the Crimson Tide student fan base doesn’t even really show up to games and how half the student section is legitimately empty.

On Friday, during an appearance on ESPN’s First Take, former Florida Gators QB Tim Tebow gave his opinion on the situation.

“Listen, I agree with (Saban),” Tebow said. “I love it. I think the fans are getting so entitled there at Alabama, specifically the students. Listen, as a student, you’ve done nothing to win all of these titles, okay? You spend a little bit of daddy’s money to show up at a game and to go to school there. You say you’re the best fans in college football, but you need to show up. I don’t care if you’re playing Louisiana-whoever or Hoover High School. You show up to the game and you support the team. If you want to say you’re the best fans in the country, you show up every game no matter what. Coach Saban is right. Alabama students, you need to show up for your team.”

Tebow went after the students even more:

“Nick Saban’s not entitled at all,” Tebow said. “That’s what happens when you win championship after championship and you’re also at a place that says they’re best fans in college football and the best fans in football. Guess what? Your students need to show up to the game. You’re 18- 19- 20-years old. You’ve done nothing for the University of Alabama. It’s your job to show up so you can live out the claims that you’re the best fans in college football because we see it in signs all the time. Alright. They need to show up for their team.”

We’ll see what happens this Saturday when Alabama travels to take on Arkansas. It’s likely that the Razorbacks student section shows up in full force to watch their team take on the Crimson Tide.

Alabama’s next home game is scheduled for Oct. 13 against Missouri.