A Saturday matchup between UCF and Georgia Tech that was expected to be a really fun matchup ended up being a snoozer. And one Yellow Jackets fan took that term to heart.

Though both teams were able to put a touchdown on the board within the first 3 minutes of the game on Saturday, most of the afternoon belonged to UCF. The Knights defeated the Yellow Jackets 49-21 in Atlanta, dominating much of the fourth quarter.

When the score got to be 42-21, one Georgia Tech fan couldn’t take it any longer. So, he decided to lean back inside the socially-distanced stadium and take a nap for the rest of the game.

It looks like he was able to use a seatback as a pillow, so at least he got some cushion on those metal bleachers. That’s pretty much the same thing as a mattress, right?

UCF owned a 28-14 advantage at halftime, a lead it would also take into the fourth quarter. An early touchdown in the final period by Georgia Tech closed the gap to 28-21, but the Knights rattled off 21 straight points to lead to a lopsided final score.

Fortunately for at least one GT fan, he didn’t have to see the agony in the final minutes of the game.