Tom Herman was caught red-handed and now he’s issued an apology for his actions on the first day of the Early Signing Period on Wednesday.

During Longhorn Network’s coverage of the Early Signing Period on Wednesday, Herman and his assistant coaches were in a Texas conference room preparing to receive those early signatures from the players who had previously provided their verbal commitments to the program. But Herman made a regrettable decision that ended up going viral.

For no apparent reason, Herman gave a camera in the conference room a double-middle-finger salute, assuming that the cameras were not rolling. They were, however, and the moment ended up making plenty of rounds on social media.

After discovering his gesture went viral and received plenty of attention on social media platforms, Herman issued an apology for his actions.

“I do want to apologize for something that happened on live TV this morning,” Herman started. “We were joking, quite frankly, about my first experience riding into the Cotton Bowl on the bus and the warm welcome you receive in the Red River Game, my very first experience. …When it occurred, honestly, I had no idea — I wasn’t aware that the camera in the room was on live TV. It certainly had nothing to do with LHN, Signing Day, nothing like that.”

Below is the full video of Herman’s apology: