Let’s face it, most of us evaluate the status of our social lives on how many followers, retweets and favorites we have on Twitter. Social media has completely taken over and we base our popularity to the number of people we can influence in 140 characters.

It’s highly unlikely, but if Urban Meyer and Jim Harbaugh were playing the same game, they’d be the coolest kids in the B1G. Recently, both coaches eclipsed one million followers on Twitter, an accomplishment not met by many.

But those numbers may not paint the whole picture. When you look at the analytics, both Meyer and Harbaugh have quite a few fake followers to pad those stats.

The question was raised when Meyer reached the one million mark first, and not long after, Harbaugh’s total grew 5,000 over night to match his arch-rival’s tally.

When 247Sports ran the report, it showed the Harbaugh has 0ver 600,000 fake followers and Meyer has 590,000.

So it seems the two coaches aren’t quite as popular as we may think, at least when it comes to social media. They’re actually closer to only 500,000 followers rather than one-million.