Tua Tagovailoa appears to be returning. The former Alabama quarterback has been preparing as the Dolphins’ starter for the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday night. Tagovailoa has been out since suffering a brutal concussion against the Cincinnati Bengals.

“It’s been a process that’s for sure,” Tagovailoa said via David Lang with Local10.com. “Having to deal with interviews with the NFL and NFLPA and then having to go and see doctors outside with second opinions. I would say a lot of it has been pretty stressful. But all of it is done for player safety. I’m glad that I got to go through those things to understand more of the deals of concussions, the effects long-term, short-term.”

Tagovailoa’s injury was scary in real-time. The incident sparked ongoing discussions about player safety and the Dolphins’ protocol leading up to the moment.

“I wouldn’t say it was scary for me at the time because there was a point where I was unconscious so I couldn’t really tell what was going on,” said Tagovailoa. “When I did come to and realize what was going on what was happening I didn’t think of anything long-term or short-term, I was just wondering what happened.”

Hopefully, Tagovailoa is able to stay healthy without further incident this season.