Some college football programs take a lot of pride in producing the best talent at one specific position. It can become part of a team’s identity throughout time.

Penn State refers to itself as “Linebacker U,” and Purdue has earned the moniker “Cradle of Quarterbacks.” You get the picture, right?

A lot of schools can proclaim these titles, but there’s often a lot of competition between teams when it comes to dominating a specific position. Recently, FOX college football analyst RJ Young took on the challenge of designating which programs produce the most talent at specific spots with his “Position U” list.

Both Ohio State and Wisconsin received some honors on this list. According to Young, Ohio State owns the title of “Defensive End U” and “Defensive Back U,” while Wisconsin is known as “Running Back U.”

Sounds pretty accurate.

Below is Young’s full list. Ohio State and Alabama were the only schools to fill multiple spots:

These kind of lists are always up for serious debate. There’s typically a conversation about all-time success at a position vs. the recent influx of talent. The bottom line? It’s a never-ending conversation.

But Young has a pretty solid list. Did he leave anyone out?