There are two more FBS conferences who will pass on hosting live media days this summer, instead moving to a virtual format.

On Thursday, both the Sun Belt and Pac-12 conferences announced that they will be hosting a virtual media days this summer, cancelling the previously-scheduled live events. That means there are now seven leagues across the country who have changed their plans for the annual football media days.

The B1G, ACC and SEC are the three conferences that have yet to make a decision.

Media day for the Pac-12 was scheduled to be held in Los Angeles on July 29. The Sun Belt was also prepared to host its media days on July 28-29 with the location in New Orleans. Dates and times for the virtual setting have not yet been announced by the two leagues.

Changes to the media days format have come due to the coronavirus pandemic and the uncertainty of what’s to come in the following weeks and months. It’s likely only a matter of time before the other three conferences switch to a virtual setting, as well.