UCF is once again playing a “UCF in Space” game, and the Knights dropped arguably the best uniform combination of the season on Wednesday.

The Knights have already rocked similar space and moon-themed combinations in the past. However, the details on this year’s uniform are unreal.

The white uniform top features navy numbers outlined in light blue. Inside those numbers are constellations, and the constellations also appear on the shoulder and neck panels.

The combination also features white pants with a black stripe down the side with “USA” in red letters. It is a nod to the rockets used during the Apollo program.

Despite all the other details, what really makes the entire look pop is the helmet. Somehow, they were able to make the paint job on the helmet resemble the landscape of the moon. It also features the quote “One small step for man” on the back.

Here’s the unveil video from UCF:

Reddit CFB also shared some photos of the details in the jersey:

Between this combination and the astronaut-themed look worn by Purdue earlier in the year, there have been plenty out of this world looks in college football. Will anyone else don a space look this year?