Having fans back in larger capacities in football stadiums across the country is a welcomed sight after 2020. But fans in Los Angeles have already tarnished their image just one week in the NFL preseason.

An ugly fight broke out among fans in the bleachers on Saturday night during the contest between the Rams and Chargers. It’s not really clear what ignited the feud, but many were involved in the scuffle.

Below is the video that was shared to social media:

Just the worst.

We love seeing fans back in stadiums across the country, whether it’s for high school, college or NFL football. This is the kind of nonsense that shouldn’t be happening after such a crumby year in 2020. Hopefully it doesn’t become a trend.

Saturday night marked the first preseason game for both the Chargers and the Rams. The Chargers posted a 13-6 victory in the game.