North Carolina is looking good against Temple in the Miltary Bowl, and this first half touchdown is currently the highlight of the game.

The Tar Heels have led the Owls all game long, and this long touchdown on third-and-10 pushed the lead to 11 points. Freshman QB Sam Howell threw the touchdown, but it was the work by receiver Dazz Newsome that made the highlight.

A Temple defensive back made a play on the ball but came up short of grabbing it. However, the defender did block Newsome’s sight just enough for him to lose track of the ball. The throw bounced off of Newsome and up into the air.

What resulted was a crazy reaction grab by Newsome that was initially ruled an incomplete pass on the field. After review, it was determined he did get one foot down inbounds with control of the football.

Check it out:

It was the second crazy grab for Newsome after he had already laid out full stretch for a pass earlier in the game. That one did not count as he was out of bounds when he came down, but Newsome is playing like a man on a mission: