Six months stand between now and the Early Signing Period in the college football recruiting world, but it’s a part of the sport that never sleeps. Commitments are always pouring in, rankings are always changing and players flipping schools is common.

Those aspects of the recruiting world add a fun flavor to the sport. It’s also why coaches get such little sleep.

While the 2020 recruiting classes are far from finished, it’s always good to take a look at how teams stand at this point in the year. Some programs hope to receive commitments early in the process, but others wait a while longer to bolster their class.

Currently, Penn State leads the B1G in the 2020 class and is the only team from the conference ranked in the top 10. Six teams from the league rank in the top 30.

Here’s a look at how the B1G recruiting rankings look, along with the national ranking and the number of commitments. The rankings come via 247Sports:

  1. Penn State (10th) — 10 commits
  2. Ohio State (11th) — 8 commits
  3. Michigan (14th) — 9 commits
  4. Iowa (17th) — 10 commits
  5. Northwestern (18th) — 10 commits
  6. Wisconsin (28th) — 6 commits
  7. Minnesota (36th) — 6 commits
  8. Maryland (37th) — 6 commits
  9. Nebraska (45th) — 3 commits
  10. Michigan State (47th) — 4 commits
  11. Indiana (56th) — 4 commits
  12. Purdue (65th) — 3 commits
  13. Rutgers (67th) — 3 commits
  14. Illinois (78th) — 2 commits