There were some crazy college football games this past weekend. But if you look at the top of the college football world, not much changed.

Alabama, Clemson, and Notre Dame easily handled their business on Saturday. So too did Ohio State as they rolled over Michigan State despite missing nearly two dozen players who were out due to injuries and procedures related to COVID-19. That means there wasn’t a whole lot of movement in ESPN’s SP+ rankings.

Before freaking out, remember this is a math formula and not someone’s subjective opinion. You’ll want to remember this when looking at which Big Ten teams are still in the top 25.

Ohio State continues to be the conference’s highest-ranked team as the Buckeyes sit at No. 3 and more than 3 points ahead of No. 4 Notre Dame and 2.3 points behind No. 2 Clemson.

The only other Big Ten team in the top 10 of the SP+ is…Wisconsin. Yes, the Badgers still remain in the top 10 (remember what I said about not freaking out and that this is a formula). Despite Wisconsin dropping two in a row and now not having an impressive win to sport, the Badgers still are listed amongst the NCAA’s best.

Here are the rest of the Big Ten teams that cracked the top 25.

  • No. 16 Iowa
  • No. 22 Penn State
  • No. 23 Indiana

Yes, I am as baffled as you that Indiana sits behind both the Nittany Lions and Badgers despite beating both teams. But I don’t make the rankings.