There’s a reason that we do an “updated spreads” post every week.

Sure, the opening lines are interesting, but lines can move so much in a given week that it’s necessary to portray the consensus feeling about a game as close to it as possible.

Take the Nebraska-Indiana game. That line opened at eight points. There must’ve been a ton of people betting big on the Hoosiers, because that line came all the way down to Nebraska -3.

Why? Well, there are a lot of people who feel that Nebraska and Indiana, despite their separation in rankings, aren’t very far apart in skill. The more people dissected Indiana’s showing in Columbus last week, the more people probably bought into the Hoosiers. Add the fact that the Huskers haven’t faced a solid defense yet, and it’s no wonder that the line came down so much.

Minnesota and Maryland saw a three-point swing after it was revealed that Mitch Leidner would be out with a concussion. And Illinois-Rutgers also had a four-point swing.

As we know, Vegas doesn’t always get an opening line right. But usually, the final line tells more of the story.

Here are the Week 7 B1G spreads:

Iowa (-11.5) vs. Purdue

Minnesota vs. Maryland (-6.5)

Illinois (-6.5) vs. Rutgers

Northwestern vs. Michigan State (-7)

No. 10 Nebraska (-3) vs. Indiana

No. 2 Ohio State (-11) vs. No. 8 Wisconsin