With the B1G making the last-minute decision to opt in on playing a fall football season this year, the conference was forced to get creative with the schedule. The league implemented an eight-game regular season, with a ninth game at the end of the year for all 14 teams, known as “Champions Week.”

In that final week, teams will be paired off based on order of finish (No. 1 East vs. No. 1 West, No. 2 East vs. No. 2 West, No. 3 East vs. No. 3 West, etc.). It’s an interesting plan, and Urban Meyer is a huge fan.

Like the rest of us, Meyer is interested to see how it plays out.

“I really like it. I think it’s creative,” Meyer said on Big Ten Network. “I think it stimulates teams to want to finish a little bit higher in the conference and there’s rewards in the end. It’s a very difficult year, a very unusual year. I love the creativity and I love it.”

Currently, the top teams from each division will still compete in the B1G Championship Game, so nothing appears to have changed on that front. But allowing the other 12 teams an opportunity to play on that weekend is an interesting twist.

It also means that there will be no teams that finish with a .500 record this season. So that game could be the difference between a winning and losing season for a few teams.

We have eight games between the start of the season and “Champions Week,” but that final Saturday should be a lot of fun.