There’s no question that practice schedules have been completely altered this year in college football. Not only do teams in the B1G deal with a delayed start to the season, but spring practices were largely wiped out for a majority of teams in the conference.

It’s created unique circumstances across the league.

Former Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer was in coaching a long time and he still has a firm grasp of what a traditional practice schedule looks like in fall camp. This year, though, all those timelines have been changed.

Speaking with Big Ten Network about the changes, Meyer said there’s “no comparison” between what’s happening now in college football and what occurs during a traditional summer and fall camp. Due to restrictions because of the pandemic, everything in 2020 looks completely different.

Meyer explained some of those differences in a chat with BTN’s Gerry DiNardo. Below are just some of the coach’s thoughts on this year’s revised version of fall camp: