This is probably the most unique offseason we’ve ever seen in the B1G. Teams in the league are essentially in fall camp right now, while six other conferences are already a few games into their 2020 season.

All the obstacles this offseason will also present new challenges for head coaches during practice. No, not everything will change, but Urban Meyer says you’re more likely to see more specific “pitch counts” for seasoned veterans, while a lot of newcomers take a lot of reps in camp.

Meyer explained why in a conversation with Big Ten Network’s Gerry DiNardo.

“The new players, the young players that haven’t played much…they have not had a lot of reps. So they have to be in full pads, they’ve got to go out there and scrimmage and play,” Meyer said. “I think across certainly the schools that I know and the coaches I know, they have something called a ‘pitch count.’ And you’re having as many drills as you count that they need the reps. And if you’re a young player, don’t be surprised if you’re out there scrimmaging quite a bit these next few weeks getting ready to play in that game.”

Meyer explained that it’s not as important for the experienced guys, returning starters and players who have seen a lot of time on the field to get as many reps as the newcomers.

The B1G season is scheduled to begin on Saturday, Oct. 24. Below is the full clip from Meyer: