The FOX college football analysts have made their weekly College Football Playoff picks. A few more individuals are back on the Ohio State bandwagon following last week’s big win over Rutgers.

Each week, every FOX college football analyst updates his top four rankings, predicting the teams that will earn a spot in the College Football Playoff, as well as pick a national champion. Urban Meyer, after picking LSU to win it all a week ago, has changed his mind.

Meyer is back on the Buckeye bandwagon.

Right now, Meyer is predicting Oregon, Clemson, LSU and Ohio State are the four teams that make the field this year. He also has the Buckeyes winning it all. And he’s not alone.

Matt Leinart and Joel Klatt also expect Ohio State to win the national title this year. Reggie Bush, Brady Quinn and Rob Stone have all picked LSU to win the championship. Below are the picks from each analyst:

The picks come out just a few hours before the College Football Playoff selection committee releases its third edition of the rankings. We’ll find out what the top four looks like tonight.