Tuesday was mostly a disappointing news day in the B1G. But, at the very least, Big Ten Network and Urban Meyer were at least able to provide a few laughs during the day.

The sad news was that the B1G postponed all fall sports for the 2020 season and will attempt to play in the spring. The funny part? Well, Meyer had a surprise Big Ten Network appearance shortly after the announcement was made.

While Meyer was speaking, a half-naked man walked into the room that Meyer was occupying while speaking to BTN’s Dave Revsine. In the middle of the room, the former head coach realizes that someone is in the room and urges him to leave.

All of it was captured on BTN and shared on Twitter by Dave Zawilinski:

Yes, we all know most of the day was bad news on Tuesday. At the very least, though, we all got a good laugh from the blooper that occurred during Meyer’s BTN appearance.