Urban Meyer doesn’t expect the Big 12 to receive a bid to the College Football Playoff this year. Just a few weeks into the season, the FOX analyst says the conference doesn’t have a chance to win a title this year.

The former head coach was quite blunt in his assessment of the Big 12 on Saturday morning’s Big Noon Kickoff show, ruling the conference out of the College Football Playoff picture.

“It’s almost a street fight for that fourth position,” Meyer said. “The last few years the Big 12 had Oklahoma. In my opinion the Big 12 is done. So who does that open the doors for? A one loss Notre Dame because they have to play Clemson, and a one loss Penn state (team) because they have to play Ohio State. Those are two excellent football teams. If I was the coach of those teams I’d say we have a shot now. That spot is going to be open now or a two loss SEC school. You have Alabama, Georgia, Florida….that seems to be the next level of the SEC. One team is going to win it but that other team is going to have two losses. In my opinion that’s going to be probably the (remaining) best team to get in the playoff.

“All due respect to Oklahoma. You’re talking about Alabama, Florida, Georgia. You’re talking about Penn State and Notre Dame. Those are teams with high level talent.”

Oklahoma was the league’s best chance to reach the Playoff, but has suffered two-straight losses and sits 1-2. Only one undefeated team still remains in the Big 12, with Oklahoma State at 3-0 right now.

There’s a chance the Cowboys could represent the Big 12 in the College Football Playoff, but they’d likely have to run the table. If that doesn’t happen, the Big 12’s chances to reach the four-team field will likely fall short.