Urban Meyer has some serious concerns about the future of the B1G if it doesn’t play football this fall. The three-time national championship-winning coach said he believes the conference will face some serious disadvantages compared to other leagues if it doesn’t play.

Speaking on Big Ten Network on Thursday, Meyer said that there are concerns among coaches in the conference from a development and competitive standpoint moving forward if there’s no fall football. That could also make an impact in recruiting for several teams.

“If there is a chance to catch up, I hope they do,” Meyer said. “If not, you’re looking at a significant developmental disadvantage; a competitive disadvantage that is a hot topic among coaches in the B1G.”

The B1G hasn’t done much in terms of contact practices since the end of last season. With the COVID-19 pandemic halting spring practices and the conference postponing the season on Aug. 11, teams haven’t had many live repetitions over the last eight months.

That’s also a concern for Meyer.

“I talked to a coach and they haven’t had contact since last December,” Meyer said. “Their first scrimmage (in August), there were 10 fumbles. If you don’t ever have contact, how do you teach that? How do you teach blocking and tackling? … How many times can you hit a bag? Bags don’t move. Bags don’t weigh 300 pounds and bench press 450. That’s a significant conversation piece right now among coaches. How in the world can you expect (teams) in the B1G and Pac-12 to be on the same competitive level as an Auburn or a Clemson, etc., who are just getting better?”

If the B1G still wants to get in on fall football, it has an opportunity to do so. It must act quick, as games at the Power 5 level are starting soon.