Urban Meyer was just as upset as the rest of us. When the B1G made the decision to cancel the fall football season, it was a tough day for the former head coach and current analyst.

And while the choice to postpone football until at least spring was a difficult one, Meyer understands why the conference made the move. When it comes down to it, the former Ohio State leader and three-time national champion says we have to trust the experts who helped make this monumental decision.

“As hard as it is, you have to really trust the experts,” Meyer told Bill Rabinowitz on the Buckeyes Xtra Podcast. “There’s so many incredibly smart people involved in the decision process. My heart says — just devastated. Your heart also tells you — could we have waited? Could we put this thing off for a little while like the SEC — just buy more time and just let the players continue to train. They were getting tested twice per week. The majority of them were coming back negative. You have the best healthcare right there at Ohio State, and then you send them home. I think more from a coach perspective, but I understand. There’s scientists, doctors making these decisions, and you have to believe it through the best interest of the players.”

In the two weeks since the B1G made the decision, players, parents and coaches have voiced frustration over the way commissioner Kevin Warren and the league presidents handled the situation. A lack of transparency has led to some unrest across the conference.

Last Friday, a group of parents of B1G football student-athletes protested outside the B1G headquarters in Chicago. Several parent groups have written letters to the B1G. Players have spoken out against the decision. Prominent college athletics attorney Tom Mars has filed a Freedom of Information Act request, asking for documents specific to the decision-making process.

In short, it’s been a nightmare for the B1G.

The B1G’s decision may have been the correct one, and the one made in the best interest of student-athletes. However, the way the league has handled it has been less than ideal.