Urban Meyer has experienced the highs and lows of the College Football Playoff.

In 2014, his Ohio State team was selected as the No. 4 seed in the field, and then rattled off wins over Alabama and Oregon to claim the national championship. In 2016, the Buckeyes were able to earn a spot in the four-team field, despite not playing for a B1G title.

Each of the last two years, despite winning the B1G championship, the Buckeyes were left out of the College Football Playoff. So Meyer really knows every feeling associated with the new system.

The four-team system has come under heavy scrutiny recently, as many believe the selection committee doesn’t give certain conferences a fair shot to earn a bid. There are a lot of complaints that there is too much subjectivity involved.

How does that get eliminated? Meyer suggests uniform scheduling. He made the case while serving as an analyst on FOX this week.

“It’s a failed system right now,” Meyer said. “I think the committee does a good job, however, the No. 1 issue is uniform scheduling. Some conferences are playing nine conference games, some eight. Some teams never go on the road and just play very weak schedules, and then you hear things like subjectivity and the ‘look test.’ And my head wants to pop off my shoulders when I hear that.”

Meyer made some convincing points, saying that if teams played a more uniform schedule — and scheduled more home-and-home series with Power Five teams — subjectivity would be largely eliminated.

Whether the field shifts to eight teams or sticks to four, Meyer thinks this is the top issue with the College Football Playoff right now.

Below is Meyer’s full rant on the College Football Playoff: