It’s way to early to start placing bets on 2020 college football games…or is it? Perhaps if there’s a spread you like and you have a good feeling about it, now might be the perfect time to throw a little money down.

Recently, released some way-too-early spreads for some key B1G games in 2020, both non-conference and league contests. Some Power Five non-conference clashes and some of the most significant games of the season already have spreads released.

Ohio State is currently favored against every major opponent and will likely be favored in every game during the 2020 season — at least in the preseason. But there are plenty of other spreads that don’t include the Buckeyes.

Here is a look at some of those early spreads for B1G games (Bold indicates favorite):

Michigan vs. Washington (pick ’em)

Ohio State (-6) vs. Oregon

Nebraska vs. Ohio State (-13.5)

Iowa vs. Ohio State (-14.5)

Ohio State (-3) vs. Penn State

Nebraska vs. Penn State (-3)

Michigan vs. Ohio State (-7.5)

Iowa vs. Minnesota (-4)

Wisconsin vs. Michigan (-2.5)

Cincinnati vs. Nebraska (-6)

Penn State vs. Michigan (-2)

Wisconsin (-2.5) vs. Notre Dame