Nick Saban is no stranger to the occasional viral video. The Alabama head coach has gone on plenty of rants that have made the rounds on multiple social media platforms.

This week, it was Saban’s message on winning — and the importance placed on it — that went viral before the Thanksgiving holiday. And, unlike some of the rants in the past, a lot seem to on Saban’s side.

Saban went on a 2-minute tirade on about fans who expect wins. It wasn’t just on “expecting” to win, but also on fans who criticize a team that doesn’t win in a convincing manner.

Below is Saban’s rant:

That’s going to be a popular message, even among most fans.

As much as Saban gets criticized at times for his rants in response to reasonable questions, this is one that is going to be received pretty well.

Something to keep in mind for everyone heading into Rivalry Week.