This is a rough play, even for the Razorbacks.

Arkansas is currently 2-7 under first-year head coach Chad Morris and are winless in the SEC. The Razorbacks were even blown out at home by North Texas. It has been a rough year as Morris tries to rebuild the program, and this play perfectly sums up the struggles in 2018.

The play began in what looked to be a shovel pass jet sweep to a receiver cutting in front of the quarterback. Unfortunately, the running back in the backfield also cut in front of the quarterback looking for a handoff.

As a result of the miscommunication, the running back collided with the receiver, effectively tackling him behind the line scrimmage for a loss on the play. “It doesn’t feel good, and it’s embarrassing,” exclaimed the announcer.

You can check out the video of the play, courtesy of Tradition’s own Connor O’Gara: