Attempting a game-winning field goal is one of the most exciting moments in all of sports. And in Saturday night’s “Week 0” matchup between Rice and Prairie View A&M, the game was coming down to just that.

Fans watching on TV were on the edge of the seat, awaiting to see if a short, 23-yard field goal attempt would travel through the uprights and give Rice its first win of the 2018 season.

And that’s when something truly bizarre happened. Not on the field, but by the television production crew.

The camera and production work shifted away from the optimal angle, making it nearly impossible to see Jake Fox’s game-winning kick travel through the uprights. Just check out what happened:

While Rice fans are thrilled that the Owls are starting the year 1-0, the folks watching on television probably would have appreciated seeing the ball go through the uprights.

Some poor camera and production work spoiled the first game-winning moment of the season.