Big hits occur every week at every level in football. Rarely, though, do they come from a punter or kicker.

But the Internet is going crazy after Atlanta Falcons punter Matt Bosher laid out one of the biggest hits of the NFL season. Not just for a kicker, but across the entire league.

The Falcons were playing the Carolina Panthers on Sunday, and Bosher kicked the ball off after Atlanta converted on a field goal. And on the return, Kenjon Barner got absolutely destroyed.

Here’s the video of Bosher laying out Barner, and it’s easy to see why the play is going viral.

That’s one punter nobody wants to mess with.

When you think about the best hits of a season, not many punters or kickers come to mind. But Bosher’s hit might be at the front of the conversation when the NFL season comes to an end.