Here’s a quick word of advice for any future Clemson students preparing to play Trevor Lawrence’s team in a pickup basketball game: don’t set any screens.

A video surfaced from Barstool Sports showing Lawrence playing in a pickup or rec-league basketball game with some fellow Clemson students. These games are usually meant for a way to get out of the room and enjoy a little competition.

Anyone who has every played a pickup basketball game in college knows that these things can turn ugly, though. And for Lawrence, there’s no exception.

Following a missed shot, an opponent set a screen on Lawrence on the opposite end of the floor. The Clemson quarterback didn’t take that too well, and shoved the screener to the ground.

Even as a quarterback, Lawrence has pass blocking down. Dabo Swinney might keep that in mind if he wants to dial up any trick plays next season.

So, just a word to the wise: don’t set any screens on Lawrence in a pickup basketball game. Well, at least not 80 feet from the basket.