FOX radio host Colin Cowherd apparently doesn’t know Bill Belichick won’t be coaching in the Super Bowl later this week.

While interviewing legendary coach Jimmy Johnson on his show on Monday afternoon, Cowherd asked Johnson multiple questions about how he thought Belichick would approach a game he won’t have anything to do with.

“Andy Reid off a bye, if you’re Bill Belichick, are you sitting there this morning going, ‘OK, he’s going to throw in stuff we’ve never seen.’ Do you think Belichick’s thinking that?” Cowherd said. 

He went back to this topic and asked Johnson about how Belichick’s previous Super Bowl teams seem to “feel out” these big games without getting too aggressive early on.

“I want to go back to the Super Bowl,” Cowherd said to Johnson. “You know Bill, you fish with Bill, you spend time with Bill. You go back to these Super Bowls and they’ve never scored a touchdown in the first quarter. It’s very funny. He very much feels out the game which is an interesting perspective.”

Perhaps he forgot Tom Brady doesn’t play for the Patriots anymore?

You be the judge. Here’s a clip of these exchanges:

There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that this clip came from today — six days before the Chiefs play the Buccaneers in Super Bowl 55 — and not from a previous year.

For one thing, Cowherd’s YouTube channel posted other segments of their interview today, which features both men wearing the same clothing. The second question he asks Johnson about Belichick starts at the 5:30 mark of that YouTube video. There’s also references to Deshaun Watson’s recent trade saga in the lower third.

The Chiefs and Bucs will play for the Super Bowl on Sunday at 6:30 p.m. ET.