Only one officially recognized poll, the Amway Coaches Poll, is out for 2018 at this point in the preseason, but FOX Sports host Colin Cowherd feels comfortable picking the final four teams that will play for the College Football Playoff championship.

Cowherd says his picks are based on teams that have a great coach, talented personnel and a manageable schedule. Based on those criteria, Cowherd picked Clemson, Alabama, Penn State and Washington.

Cowherd sees it as a foregone conclusion that a Big Ten team will make the final four based on the strength of the conference, particularly being much stronger than the Big 12 and the Pac-12.

While Cowherd sees tough road trips and out-of-conference games for Michigan, Ohio State and others, he thinks the Nittany Lions have a more favorable draw in 2018.

“Penn State… (has) Wisconsin at home, Ohio State at home, easy out of conference. They have to go to Michigan on Saturday November 3rd… I’ll take Penn State in the national championship,” Cowherd says.

The full clip, in which Cowherd and FOX college football analyst Joel Klatt discuss the host’s four picks, can be watched below.