The Alamo Bowl hit the ground running Friday night with three early turnovers.

The turnovers started on the very first drive with Washington State’s James Williams fumbling after a big gain. Unfortunately for Iowa State, QB Brock Purdy threw an interception two plays later.

The Cougars could not get anything going on the ensuing drive and punted, but Purdy would make another mistake soon after. He threw a pass that Wazzu’s Marcus Strong read all the way, jumping the short route for an interception.

Strong took the interception all the way to the house in what looked to be a clean touchdown. However, the officials called Strong for taunting after extending the football and slowing his run at the 10-yard line.

It certainly did not look egregious, but the call resulted in a 15-yard penalty from the spot of the foul:

Thankfully for Strong, the Cougars still scored a touchdown off the turnover.