Matt Patricia isn’t a huge fan of poor posture. He may start requiring all reporters to start sitting up straight before asking questions at future media appearances.

On Thursday, Patricia spoke to the media, but refused to answer a question from one reporter until he stopped slouching. While you might believe it was a joke, the Lions head coach seemed pretty serious about the situation.

“Do me a favor, just kinda sit up,” Patricia told the reporter.  “Have a little respect for the process. Every day you come in ask me questions…just be a little respectful. I’m asking just be a little respectful in this whole process. So ask me a question professionally and I’ll answer it for ya.”

Seems like an awfully snippy response for a guy who typically wears a hoody to his press conference appearances.

Patricia and the Lions are 3-4 on the season, which might be the reason behind Patricia’s snarky response. Or maybe, for whatever reason, he just really hates people who slouch.

We’ll see if any future reporters get scolded by the Lions head coach.