Longtime ESPN veteran anchor Steve Levy is one of the most recognized faces and voices to sports fans everywhere. For some of those fans, he’ll always be known for one of the most hilarious bloopers in “SportsCenter” history.

After one “Monday Night Football” game in 1995, Levy filled in for Dan Patrick. In a segment about injuries around the NFL, Levy was supposed to relay a report about a “bulging disc” in player Maurice Hurst’s neck. Levy infamously left the “s” out of “disc.” He instantly corrected himself, but it’s quite difficult to hold back laughter after making an error of that nature on live TV.

Levy stopped by “The Dan Patrick Show” recently and the two discussed his blooper for the ages. The segment clip from Patrick’s show bleeps the blooper. YouTube, however, has the original mispronunciation in all its uncensored glory.