There might not be a louder voice than Joel Klatt when it comes to denouncing the College Football Playoff system. The FOX Sports analyst has gone on multiple tirades denouncing the current selection process.

Over the season, Klatt has pointed to weak scheduling, conference bias and imbalanced divisions as reasons behind the current system. He doesn’t believe the rankings are reflective of a lot of the data that might help decide which teams actually belong in the College Football Playoff.

Klatt doesn’t necessarily believe expansion is the way to go, but he’s still pushing for change, primarily among the selection committee. And, to be fair, the fact that three conferences are playing nine league games (B1G, Big XII and Pac-12) and two other power conferences only play eight league games (SEC and ACC), is a pretty unfair advantage.

Especially when those two leagues schedule FCS opponents late in the season.

So what would Klatt do to change the College Football Playoff system? How could it be more fair? The FOX Sports analyst provided his opinion on the subject recently.