Jimmy Buffet singing the National Anthem prior to the NFC Championship kickoff between the Los Angeles Rams and New Orleans Saints is receiving mixed reviews, but the way he ended is making its way around the Internet.

Buffet’s rendition of the National Anthem received some criticism for being poorly sung. Others thought it was a simple and straight-forward approach, which was appreciated. Regardless of which side you fall on, you can’t help but marvel at the way Buffet concluded his appearance.

Once he ended the song, he finished with a mic drop. For real.

Plenty of videos of Buffet’s mic drop are making their way around social media. Here’s the clip:

This can only be one of two things: an epic success or an epic failure. Either way, it provided some entertainment prior to kickoff.

Hopefully Sunday’s matchup between the Rams and Saints is as interesting as the pregame ceremonies.