My goodness, Michigan needed this play.

Down big to No. 12 Notre Dame on the road, with halftime quickly approaching, the Wolverines were in dire of need of something.

Notre Dame had dominated the game to this point and looked to be nearing a huge first-half lead heading into the locker room. The Fighting Irish had just taken 7:37 off the clock with a 15-play, 75-yard touchdown drive to bring the score to 21-3.

The Irish, to that point, had completely made Michigan’s supposedly great defense look pedestrian all night and on offense, the No. 14 Wolverines couldn’t get anything going.

Jim Harbaugh’s team needed help. They needed a big play. They needed a spark.

And they got it. They got that big play and more from defensive back Ambry Thomas, who took the kick off after the Notre Dame score and promptly took it all the way to the house in impressive fashion.

Thomas showed it all off in that one play: Vision to follow his blocks (the Michigan wedge was great by the way), speed and an extra dose of tough running. Notre Dame tried to throw some arm tackles at him but multiple defenders fell right off Thomas’ shoulder pads, and he turned on the afterburners once he found open space to take it the rest of the way home.

It was a huge play for Michigan, bringing the Wolverines within 11 after the extra point, 21-10.

Offense wins games and defense wins championships, but special teams has been known to change games.