Mike Leach is at it again.

The always interesting and colorful head coach at Washington State is not shy on any topic. He’s always willing – and ready – to offer his thoughts on everything from cargo shorts to mascots.

On Monday, he even tackled the recent legislation passed in the state of California. That bill would allow collegiate student-athletes to profit of endorsement deals, using their name, image, and likeness.

The NCAA has already threatened to exclude the state if the bill becomes law, and you can mark Leach down as a coach that is not in favor of the bill. The first issue Leach had with the bill was how it could potentially create a recruiting advantage for schools in California:

“If you create a recruiting advantage beyond what already exists, I think it’s gonna be very difficult,” said Leach. “I think there’ll be a huge imbalance and you’ll destroy college football…How far does all this stuff go?… Maybe we ought to just have minor league football.”

He didn’t stop there, moving on to take a verbal shot at California:

“But the state of California has trouble keeping their streets clean right now, so my thought is that they probably ought to focus on that,” Leach claimed. “That’s just one guy’s opinion, and I’m sure I’m probably wrong.”

You can watch Leach’s rant below from his Monday press conference:

What are your thoughts on the California legislation?