Ah, the first Sunday of the NFL season. The only thing better is the first college football Saturday of the year. Now that both are underway, there’s no excuse to not have football on our televisions all weekend long.

Well, except for the fact that the NFL is making it easier to turn off the game and tune into something else.

During the preseason, fans went ballistic over the enforcement of the league’s new “body weight” roughing the passer rule, in which a defender cannot land with his weight on top of the quarterback. Some refer to it as the Aaron Rodgers rule, as the Green Bay QB was injured from a similar hit last season.

But the rule, and the interpretation has been awful. So terrible that fans may actually turn away from the game. Here are two examples of why fans are so disgusted with the new rule:

Those seem to be pretty weak calls.

Yes, I understand that it’s the proper enforcement of the rule, but it’s hard for a defender to control his body at that height, weight and speed in real-time. It just doesn’t seem reasonable.

And fans are letting their feelings be known.

So, there you have it. Nobody really seems to like the new rule. And some people still don’t even understand it. That’s not a good look for the NFL.

Why not just relive some of those great games from Saturday, instead?