If Nick Saban is ever happy, he doesn’t show it much.

He especially doesn’t show it when one of his defensive players makes a mistake on third down — causing the defense to stay on the field despite a stop.

It doesn’t matter if the Tide is up 7-0, 34-0 or 100-zip, Saban just does not do mistakes well.

Poor Christian Miller found that out the hard way.

Alabama let Louisville get on the board midway through the third quarter. It was a drive characterized by mistakes and defensive penalties by Alabama — which isn’t normal for a Saban-led team — and one of those penalties was courtesy of Miller.

He was hit with a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty after shoving a lineman who had pancaked him to the ground after the pass-rush took both of them behind the pocket. Alabama was about to get off the field, but the shove earned Miller the penalty and the ire of his head coach:


Watching Saban chew out Miller coming off the field is like watching the Eye of Sauron focus in on an unsuspecting hobbit (hello, fellow nerds).

That’s scary stuff. But that’s why Saban is arguably the best ever.