The Music City Bowl might have been the sight of the most ridiculous ejection in the history of college football.

Benny Snell Jr., Kentucky’s top running back and one of the SEC’s best in 2017, was ejected in the first half of Friday’s game against Northwestern in Nashville after making contact with an official. That kind of personal foul results in an automatic ejection.

The problem? Well, actually there are several.

First, Snell didn’t appear to make significant contact with the official on the play. Second, even if he did, the official extended his hand to try to help the Kentucky ball-carrier off the ground, and Snell refused his assistance.

Don’t worry, there’s video of this atrocious call:

Seriously, that has to be one of the worst ejection calls in the history of the sport, right?

The loss of Snell was significant for Kentucky. The ball-carrier accounted for 33 percent of the Wildcats’ offense, rushing for 1,318 yards and 18 touchdowns in the regular season.

Mark Stoops may want to make a call to the NCAA’s officiating office after this one.