Junior running back Reggie Corbin has been a major bright spot for the Illinois Fighting Illini in their battle against No. 23 Wisconsin.

Heading into halftime, the Badgers have been absolutely dominating the Illini. Is hasn’t helped that the weather has been insane, but Illinois just hasn’t been able to keep up with the Top 25 squad.

With that said, Corbin has done his part.

At half, Corbin boasted seven carries for 93-yards, including this 80-yard touchdown that may go down as one of the highlights of the season for the Illini. Check it out, below. To say that it’s impressive would be an understatement:

Illinois was clearly setting up for a stretch or power run to the right and Corbin was as patient as he could be. He let his blockers set up but Wisconsin clearly had a bead on the play to their left. What the Badgers forgot to do was establish back-side contain, though, and Corbin expertly took advantage of that with a cutback and run that should make all the highlight shows on Saturday evening.