Former Penn State running back Saquon Barkley was the second overall pick in this past NFL Draft for a reason.

The New York Giants took him to be a franchise-defining player for the next decade of football, passing up multiple quarterbacks (including Sam Darnold, who ended up with the Jets) to do so.

Whether or not that was a smart long-term move by the Giants is yet to be determined, and the answer to that question won’t come for a few years, but in the short-term here and now Barkley has sure lived up to the hype.

Yes, the Giants’ offense can’t get anything done with Eli Manning anymore — thus putting into question New York taking a running back over multiple talented quarterbacks — but that likely doesn’t enter the mind of a single Giants fan when they see Barkley do something like this:

The football skill, agility, and athleticism possessed by Barkley are all shown in this one highlight. Not only does he easily make one diving tackler look silly, but he accomplished a beautiful spin move on the sideline, making another would-be tackler miss.

Keep this in mind: Barkley spun towards the sideline.

He had minimal room to work with and a spin-move at that location is usually done towards the inside. Not for Barkley, though, who could accomplish that spin in a phone-booth and still find a way to come away with positive yardage.

Barkley is special. There’s a reason he ran for 3,843 yards with 43 rushing touchdowns and caught 1,195 receiving yards for eight touchdown receptions in three seasons at Penn State.

He’s one of a kind.