Week 6 of the college football season is well under way and some of the best games of the day have already taken place.

The Red River Shootout between No. 7 Oklahoma and No. 19 Texas had many intrigued, but the common thought was that the Sooners’ offense would be too much. That wasn’t the case.

Oklahoma did score 45 points, but its defense proved to be a disaster. Texas led Oklahoma 45-24 at the 8:38 mark in the fourth quarter. The game seemed to be over.

Six minutes later, however, it was all tied up 45-45.

Then, Texas went down the field and setup a 40-yard FG try to essentially win the game. Who had to knock it through?

Freshman kicker Cameron Dicker.

Nobody questions his confidence — or his leg now:

Before the biggest kick of his life, Dicker eyed up the camera and basically gave it a head nod. He was ready to go.

Just a few moments later, he delivered in the biggest way possible for Texas, connecting on the 40-yard kick and completing the upset over Oklahoma.

It’s not a bad time to be Cameron Dicker.