At 1-6 and currently on a six-game losing streak, Rutgers football is understandably not considered to be a good football team.

The Scarlet Knights haven’t won a game in conference so far and that likely won’t change at all against Northwestern this weekend. It certainly won’t change if Rutgers continues to beat itself, because it’s already easy enough for other teams to get one up on the team.

That’s exactly what happened on the opening kickoff against Northwestern, though.

A Rutgers kick returner decided that the very best thing he could do upon receiving a kick down near the goal line is call for a fair catch. Why he decided to call for fair catch with plenty of green space and blockers in front of him is unknown. Also, if he didn’t feel the return would be good he could have easily let the ball bounce into the end zone and Rutgers could have started with the ball on the 25-yard line.

Instead, inexplicable, he called fair catch. Not only that, but he dropped the ball. Here’s the play:

Rutgers started the game with the ball on its own one-yard line. At the time of this writing, the Scarlet Knights are already losing, 7-0.