What do you think of the College Football Playoff?

Should it be expanded or are 4 teams perfect? Of course there’s always a conference that will be left out, but maybe that’s what makes it that much more dramatic.

Regardless, the first true College Football Playoff rankings don’t come from the committee until Tuesday — prior to Week 10. That’s pretty late. But by now, we know a lot more about the top tier teams.

Still, teams have around 4 or so more games to be played.

Is the first rankings reveal in late October happening too early?

Tim Brando surely thinks so:

Brando believes that not only should the rankings come out until about a month from now, but that we think teams may be better than what they actually are due to what team they are. Michigan is one example Brando gives.

He believes we lift what we think of the Wolverines because of who they are as a brand.

In any case, the first reveal of the rankings will take place at 7 p.m. on Tuesday. From that point on, each week the rankings will be updated on Tuesdays up until Sunday, Dec. 2.