At least one FBS head coach is admitting that tampering is running wild when it comes to the NCAA transfer portal. It’s assumed that’s been the case, but this adds a level of confirmation to the belief.

In an interview with 247Sports’ Brandon Marcello, one FBS coach talked about the tampering that happens with the NCAA transfer portal. But, with no real regulation from the NCAA, it’s almost impossible to monitor.

“Everybody is tampering. We all do it,” the coach said. “At this point it’s like going 65 mph in a 55. What are you going to do with it? But there need to be parameters. NFL free agency starts and ends on certain dates, and we need to do that with the portal. That’s No. 1. They have to protect the kids from themselves and make it fair for our rosters because it’s impossible the way it is set up today.”

Since August, over 1,200 student-athletes in college football from the FBS level have entered their names into the NCAA transfer portal. Just over half of that total — 52.1% — have found a new destination.

Essentially, half of the players who have hit the portal are still looking for a home. It’s been an unfortunate result of so many players looking for greener pastures when, quite frankly, they may not exist.

Because it’s such an easy transition, watching players transfer has become a new common practice in college football, particularly in the offseason. It sounds like coaches are taking advantage of the situation and a lack of rules, as well.