It seemed like prior to 2020 that taking the stance of expanding the College Football Playoff was almost taboo. It was expected down the road but more so for money purposes.

With the mess that has been 2020 and its college football season, many in the college football world are pleading for change, specifically with the College Football Playoff and its current four-team system.

The latest person to join this growing group of media folks is FOX’s Joel Klatt. He broke it down on Sunday on Twitter.

Klatt starts by looking at recruiting and how the top recruiting classes tend to come from the same top schools. These schools also have become just about the only programs to make the CFP. Alabama and Clemson have each been to six of the seven. Ohio State has now made four.

As Klatt correctly points out, this has created a wide gap between those top of top-end programs and everyone else.

What’s the solution? Making college football more important to more programs. Klatt says it doesn’t matter whether it’s six or eight. Instead, he points more to a 16-team format.

Klatt believes this sort of expansion would add some parity, including when it comes to recruiting the top players. He says this will best help the long-term health of the sport.

If anyone has won based on this CFP controversy, it’s the folks in favor of expansion.