One of the most prominent figures in college football right now is using his voice to express just how badly he and his teammates want to hit the field this year.

This weekend, Clemson quarterback and Heisman Trophy favorite Trevor Lawrence took to Twitter to voice his opinion on the upcoming college football season. Simply put, he wants to play.

Lawrence fired off numerous tweets over the weekend, saying he and his teammates want to be back on the field this fall. His social media presence came after the MAC opted to cancel sports for the fall and are preparing an attempt to play games during the spring.

Below are the tweets Lawrence has fired off this weekend:

Lawrence isn’t alone. Also over the weekend, several Penn State players took to Twitter in a “#IWantToPlay” movement that flooded social media on Saturday and Sunday. Players from Ohio State and Nebraska have also spoken up recently, as well.

There’s still a lot to be determined right now, and there are no answers. But a lot more student-athletes are speaking up, hoping that there’s a solution to playing football this fall.